Vino Cotto is just as delicious in salads. Dress a tomato and basil salad with extra virgin olive oil (evoo) and Vino Cotto, spruce up a rocket, pear and walnut salad with drops of Vino Cotto.   Make an apple and radicchio salad and toss in some plumped up raisins that have been soaked in Vino Cotto – a great salad with pork loin steak.

A cheese platter is always welcomed at any occasion.   Prepare your cheese platter with aged cheeses such as Reggiano Parmigiano and gorgonzola, figs, seedless grapes and dried fruit and nuts.  Surprise your guest by adding drops of Vincotto on the cut cheeses.

Vino Cotto makes a wonderful dressing on grilled Mediterranean vegetables.  A few drops will give this meal a superior fragrance and taste.  Drizzle over a tomato, basil and bocconcini pizza, prior to cooking, for a magnificent, lightly sweet caramelised flavour addition.

Vino Cotto is favoured by chefs when used as a condiment on pork, poultry and exotic meats such as duck and venison.  Duck breast finished with dribbles of Vincotto is sensational, slow roasted lamb shoulder basted with Vino Cotto and served with gnocchi is delicious.  Bring the family together and enjoy a pork roast cooked in Vino Cotto and seedless red grapes. 

To deglaze a pan, add some Vino Cotto to the pan after having seared beef fillets and you will have a fragrant rich syrup to drizzle over the fillets.

Next time you make a Porcini risotto or a three cheese risotto add  a drizzle of Vino Cotto to the risotto just prior to serving and you will discover that Vino Cotto complements the flavour of the risotto.

Put simply, add Vino Cotto to a dish at the last minute and you will discover its pure flavour and aromatic bouquet.

“Vino Cotto …this magic ingredient”
Stephanie Alexander – Australian chef, restaurateur and food writer.

Vino Cotto has a unique richness and sweetness that elevates flavours and complements many foods, whether it be a sweet or savoury dish.  Just a few drops are needed to transform a dish into something special and flavoursome.

Tip:  Use it sparingly so as not to overpower other flavours in your dish.

Vino Cotto can be used as it is, in it’s natural state, without any refinement.  Add Vino Cotto to a dish at the last minute and you will discover its pure flavour and aromatic bouquet.  Our carefully prepared Vino Cotto products are made with quality, fresh and seasonal fruit, respecting traditional methods used in southern Italy. 

Our Vino Cotto; 

-is alcohol free

-has no added sugar (natural sugar concentrates from fruit)

-has no preservatives and no artificial additives

-has no red wine vinegar

-is 100% Australia made and owned

-is made from locally sourced Australian grapes and seasonal fruit.

Vino Cotto is best kept in a cool dark place after opening and does not need to be refrigerated.  It has a long shelf life which improves with time.   The natural sugar in the Vino Cotto acts a preservative to prevent the product from spoiling.   The expiry date on the bottle is required by law.  We have kept unused Vincotto in bottles for years after opening and it always taste better as time passes.  Do not introduce any contaminates after opening and tightly seal the bottle to maintain the product in between use. Naturally occurring sediment may be present.  Do not shake the bottle prior to using Vinocotto in meals.

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