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Vinocotto, Vincotto, Il Baronello, Apple
Vinocotto, Vincotto, Il Baronello, Quince
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Beautifully Aromatic & Perfectly Balanced

The delicious and captivating flavours of Vino Cotto are the result of slowly cooking the grape ‘must’  (juice of pressed grape) of late harvest premium dark grapes,  before fermentation begins.  The ’must’  is cooked for over 15 hours, during which time it reduces to less than a third of it’s original volume resulting in a syrup.  The syrup is then stored for many months, prior to being bottled, so as to develop and enrich it’s flavours naturally.

No preservatives, chemical additives, or sugar is added to our product range and no alcohol is present.  IL Baronello Vino Cotto is not made using red wine vinegar. Traditional Vino Cotto is pure grape must and nothing else, other than the fruits that are infused to add flavours.

Vino Cotto Original is made from the must (musto) of premium dark grapes that has been slowly cooked so as to preserve product quality to the fullest. The result is an exceptional product, aged to mature over many months with aromatics of dark berry fruits and spices. This well balanced condiment will add a distinctive flavour to any dish, savoury or sweet and is ideal for everyday cooking. Buy Online

Made from our premium Vino Cotto Original and slowly cooked with delicious and plump dried figs. The result is an exceptional product, aged to mature and with flavours and aromas of ripe dense sweet fruits. The edible seeds of the fig gives this product a nutty characteristic making it an ideal condiment for quail and duck dishes, sensational on Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, a prosciutto, pear and hazelnut salsa  salad and great on desserts. Buy Online

Made from our premium Vino Cotto Original and slowly cooked with locally grown fresh Apples. This exceptional product, aged to mature over many months to allow taste and consistency to develop has a fresh sweet apple fragrance and is perfectly balanced. The lingering aromas of apple make this product an ideal condiment for pork dishes and many sweets treats. Buy Online

Made from our premium Vino Cotto Original and slowly cooked with locally grown fresh Quince fruit. This exceptional product has been aged to mature allowing the flavours to develop naturally. The beautiful aromatic bouquet of this product rekindles memories of early autumn and the flavour adds a surprising element to simple dishes. Great with fruit tarts, panna cotta, mascarpone mousse and with a cheese platter. Buy Online

All products are available in 100ml, 250ml, and 750ml bottles. Prices start from $15.00 plus postage and handling. Visit the Buy Online page now.  Orders can also be taken via email and over the phone.  We deliver Australia wide, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Brisbane, or anywhere else in Australia.

All ingredients used to make our Vino Cotto are 100% Australian grown and sourced, not including dried figs.

Just like a good quality extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, Vino Cotto is another essential product amongst a revered collection of ingredients to help you prepare foods of distinction.

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An indulgent offering of naturally wild baby figs that have been marinated in Vino Cotto and spices. The figs are sweet and silky with a mildly nutty flavour.  They are the perfect accompaniment to a cheese and antipasto platter.  Delicious with pork and duck dishes or tossed in salads with soft or blue cheeses.  These little gems add a beautiful rich aroma and flavour to desserts with ice-cream, mascarpone, ricotta and yoghurt or mixed in cake batters.  The dried figs used are AA grade and are a product of Iran. Buy Online